Supporting you through your pregnancy and delivery.

A naturopathic doula is a pillar of support for you and your partner during the pregnancy and birth of your baby. The benefit of a naturopath doula is the added knowledge of a naturopath’s training, experience & knowledge.

Dr. Heather is here to provide you with educational, emotional & physical support to the woman and her partner during pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum. Having a naturopathic doula by your side helps:

  • Decrease the number of C-Sections
  • Alleviate stress and confusion
  • Peace of mind with routine health checkups
  • The overall readiness and preparedness for a birth
  • The chances of a heavier, healthier baby
  • Provide knowledge on breast feeding
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Get to the root cause of your health issues rather than just treating the symptoms.

Dr. Heather's purpose in Naturopathic Medicine is to help educate and motivate every patient in a way that they can take an active role in understanding their own health ailments and be an active part of the healing process.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Relax in the IV therapy lounge while you get your much needed boost of vitamins and minerals!


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